Maple Leaf Physical Therapy PLLC


For the first 5 years of practicing as a physical therapist it was always my dream to open my own clinic. In July 2001 my dream came true and I opened Maple Leaf Physcial Therapy PLLC. I opened this practice to be able to practice physical therapy in the way that I believe is the most beneficial.


My philosophy is that every person who comes into my clinic is treated as an individual and is given the highest quality care. I believe that each person's treatment is a partnership between me and that individual to progress them to their goals and recovery. The education and home program are equally important as the hands on treatment in achieving the optimal outcome and highest function for that person.

Personalized Treatment

It is always my goal to treat each person in a complete and holistic way to allow them to be able to make the changes in their day to day life to promote positive change and lifelong improvements in their overall function. In order to achieve these goals I feel it is critical to spend one on one time for up to an hour for each person at each treatment session. My scope of treatment includes orthopedic rehabilitation, cancer and lymphedema rehabilitation, mindfulness training, and Pilates exercise instruction. I combine many types of treatments to individualize each person's program and to assist them in achieving their goals.